Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Principals to be learned in a Drunken Town from a Loose Woman

Early in the week, after sharing how the lost can come to Christ, we touched on when the saved remain in bondage.

Let's take a look again at this lost woman  and her story and see if there are any principals that will loosen the shackles in our lives, that they may fall to the ground.

Open your bible to John 4; 6-7.

We read that it was about the sixth hour (noon).

Our heroine, because of her sin, was no longer welcome at the community watering hole, with the respectable women of the town. You see they all came in the cool of the morning to draw their water.

Welcome or not she had a need for water, so she came to the well at noon, the start of the hottest part of the day. This wasn't a want. she proabably wished it was a want. A want she could walk away from.  But, it was a need. So she went to the well everyday at noon, because she had a thirst and a need to be washed. So she went to the well when she wouldn't be seen.

Sometimes, our sins drive us into hidding too. We hide from ourselves, other's and our Lord. Like Adam and Eve. They met with the Lord in the cool of the morning everyday until...
Until, they sinned. Then they hid.

The Lord, he came out of His way each day to visit with them

He had come out of His way that day in Samaria, to meet this woman from Sychar.

He has come out of His way to meet you, as well. You are His own. His precious daughter.

The cool of the morning may have passed for you. In the heat of the day, you may be seeking water. He who is the well awaits you.

Keep coming to the well, even when your drawing bucket seems to come up dry and empty.

Come to the well of His word and listen for His voice

He will speak to you. No matter your sin. Come to the well of Truth. Draw deeply from it.

He will penetrate even your insolence and your shame. He will break through to your heart and bring you to that place where you to can confess your sins and find restoration.

Just come to the well. Listen and don't run from this conversation of the heart.

Just as is was difficult for this Samaritan woman to hear her sin, it will be difficult for you to hear the Lord identify your sin, and tell you what is wrong with your life.

Dear Sister listen to Him and agree with Him. Answer Truth with Truth.

John 4:17 "The woman answered, I have no husband. Jesus said to her, you have spoken truly..."

Empty your self of your pride, return to the well, that speaks truth and satisfies.

Sometimes we who are holy vessels become so filled with things of the world, all of the wants and longings and lies it promises. Yet as full as we are of these worldly things, these sins, we are so empty.

Come before the Lord. Bathe in His Word until He speaks to you. Let Him empty you that He may fill you to over flowing.

Principal One; Dive  into God's Word.
Principal Two: Pray, talk to Him. Listen to Him
Principal Three: As He speaks, listen
Principal Four: Agree with what He says, and watch the chains begin to fall away.
Principal Five: Let Him cleanse you and fill you with Truth.

Next week Principal six

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