Sunday, July 17, 2016


I recently posted something on facebook and I got a distressed response from someone I love very dearly. We do respond to the world condition in vastly different ways. In her loving way she was trying to tell me to not be so political, not to be so hateful and offensive. I understand her position, as I often feel the same. But the truth is that posting the news isn't hateful, it is the news, what is happening. Yes it is offensive, what is going on in the world. Yes I do occasionally make comments, I simply feel it is irresponsible to stick my head in the sand.

Her post prompted me as I was thinking about my response, to think about my friends, all of them. I wonder if there is some way to get them to begin to post their thoughts and prayers regarding  the events of our day. A place where they can post their fears and prayers, ideas and maybe even solutions.  It would have to be a safe place. A place where arguing and retaliation, cursing and fool hearty comments  were not allowed.

But would they do it?

Perhaps not. Perhaps I shall take a different approach. Instead of posting the news, maybe I shall write about it.  Yes, "A today I read…" type of posting.  I will make it my goal to talk about my hopes and dreams for this country, my people. I will talk about how it makes me feel.

Lord God, help me know if this is the right thing to do. In Jesus Sweet Name I pray. Amen

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